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Why We Are More Than A Typical Message Board

This site was begun when a popular forum we had enjoyed for many years was forced to shut down. While frequenting that site many of the originators of this site became friends and some of us even hunted together! We have kept in touch beyond that forum and have enjoyed keeping each other apprised of what was going on in our lives, our families and keeping the faith with the American dream.

Many of us have served honorably and have family traditions of the same; we share a deep love of country, a deep faith and a deep sense of stewardship for the land; we want, above all, to pass on the hunting tradition and the spirit of adventure and the rugged outdoor mentality that shaped this great country.

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Bow Hunters Creed

To be a bow hunter means adhering to a set of standards. Turn the card to read the Bow Hunters Creed.

• That I will support national, state and provincial regulatory agencies and conservation organizations in the propagation and management of all game. • That I will at all times actively support and promote hunting with a bow. • That I will abide by current game regulations and at all times conduct myself as a sportsman so as not to bring discredit to the bowhunting fraternity. • That I will respect landowner's rights. • That I will assist all bowhunters in locating places to hunt, but I will not impose myself knowingly on another bowhunter. • That I will enjoy the challenge of the hunt and will study the habits of the game I hunt. • That I will use legal archery equipment and will search long and diligently to track down and recover any wounded game.

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