An interesting deer story

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An interesting deer story

Post by HA/KS »

Interesting deer science or biology question

The Mysterious Adventure of an Exceptional Buck

"Why did a 3½-year-old Missouri buck take off during the peak of the rut and truck rapidly across an entire state during hunting season? That’s what Dr. Remington Moll of the University of New Hampshire tried to learn by analyzing all the data collected on the buck’s GPS tracking collar."
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Re: An interesting deer story

Post by JTV »

he's a traveler ... recently a collared coyote was trapped in NW Indiana, it originated in NW Illinois (Carrol county I believe).... it also was a traveler.... we have had 2 bears also come in to Northern/NWIndiana from Michigan, one was road killed, the other was shot by Mich. DNR when it went back as it became a pest raiding garbage cans and it was showing no fea of human ... we also now have Bobcats in NW Indiana, well, I should say they have been around since my high school days, but are now being seen more readily and my buddy trapped one last season when he was coyote trapping, the DNR came out, took pics and released it .... it is a female .. (2).jpg (2).jpg (206.06 KiB) Viewed 92 times
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