Actually Considered a Crossbow

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Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by Gflight »

How things change...

I used to go bat chit crazy about Xbows and now I hurt my shoulder.

Really bites getting old like some of you farts :lol:

A guy I know offered to let me use his daughters Xbow as she isn't home to hunt this year.

Now its getting cold early and I might be teleworking starting next week.

My pride is strong but I may cave...

So tell me, have you guys softened any on your stance?? I may need some validation.
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Mike in CT
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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by Mike in CT »

I had dealt with shoulder pain for a good 5-6 years and had avoided going to a doctor fearing I'd learn I had a torn rotator cuff/labrum; I finally went because knowing was better than not knowing and learned I didn't. I saw a physical therapist who said the issue was my A/C joint and he recommended some intense PT. After a month I had improved a lot and continuing my PT at home after the 2 1/2 months of seeing him I finally picked up my bow and started shooting at the 6-month mark.

For the first time in a long, long time I had no pain, no discomfort, nothing! I don't know you're situation but if it's like mine I'd highly recommend trying PT if you really would prefer to stay with the bow. There's nothing wrong though with making a concession to age and using the crossbow however.

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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by AnnonyMouse »

I had a lot of pain trying to draw my longbow a few years back. I saw the doctor and found I had an impingement in my shoulder and was referred to physical therapy.

Fortunately at that time, I was able to go to the Sports Medicine Department at Michigan State where all the sports athletes went when injured. I took my bow with me at my first appointment and evaluation. They were able to design an exercise program for my needs. I spent several weeks with their therapists and was given a home regime of exercises. I was able to fully recover and to this date, occasionally do those exercises I was given.

Before giving up, it might be worth visiting a sports medicine physical therapist for evaluation. Your shoulder pain may just be caused by physical/mechanical problems that can be cured with an directed exercise program. It's worth it to see if you can solve/overcome problems due to age or injury than just deciding to "give in". My mom used to say, "Keep moving or you'll begin to rust."

And...if you cannot find a cure, the x-bow option is always there. Guess it all depends on you and your situation.

Good luck.
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K Cummings
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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by K Cummings »

This is probably going to sound strange coming from a recurve only guy but whatever it takes to keep you in the woods is fine by me.

If I ever got to the point where a crossbow is what it would take to keep me out there, sign me up.


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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by JTV »

Crossguns ?? ( :roll: :shock: ) .. Pffft !! ... still and always will despise those damn things .. shoulder fired weapons dont belong in BOW season ... I have a bad shoulder and have for several years now ... I reduced poundage from 65 to 60 lbs, re-tuned, went strictly to fixed heads, use a 4 finger release as they are easier to draw with than a wrist strap and continued my shooting and hunting, I will get that new Keeton release Randy Ulmer is touting , will get itthis spring ... ....yep, I still pack in my stand/sticks every hunt too and still do my runs ... the shoulder does bother me climbing up, but I just have to watch how I go up ... I'll go back to firearms before I'll ever use a crossbow :o ..... update(12-14-20), I purchased a "Keeton Release" (Spot Hogg) a few weeks back in early Dec. , it is a combination Wrist Strap-index finger/4 finger release ... it allows one with a bad shoulder to draw more weight or to allow one drawing lower weight even easier once adjusted properly ... IT WORKS and I shoot fantastic with it ... .... much much easier on my shoulder

Randy Ulmer on the Keeton release by Spot Hogg

Bill Winke/Midwestwhitetails on the Keeton Release ... n-release/
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Frank S
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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by Frank S »

Good post Salagi, and I agree.

Hope your mother can find happiness again, and sorry for the loss of your father.
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K Cummings
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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by K Cummings »

Great post Salagi.

With all due respect, I'm going to take issue with one thing you said.

"I make no apology for using the crossbow, this year it was necessary."

I take no issue with you feeling that way, what I take issue is an apparent need people have to make any justification whatsoever for using any legal hunting weapon or method they choose.

I've grown very tired of reading things like:

"It was just a doe, but..."

"It was just a fork horn, but..."

"It won't make the record book, but..."

"I used a crossbow/compound/rifle/trail cam/feeder/Scent Loc/expandable broadheads, but..."

In my opinion, as long as what you choose is legal, it's nobody else's business, and you shouldn't have to justify that choise to anyone.. "I felt like it" should be enough.


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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by HA/KS »

If you are hunting for food, then hunting with anything less than the most effective legal weapon is a luxury. Most of us don't have to hunt for food, so can choose a luxury.

It is sort of like going to the grocery store. What you buy can depend on your bank account. Some can choose to shop in the beans and rice aisle or at the steak counter. Some are forced to shop in the beans and rice aisle. Neither is a morally or ethically superior or inferior shopper (as long as they stop at the check-out on the way out the door).

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Re: Actually Considered a Crossbow

Post by Mint »

The problem with the crossbow is how effective it is. Putting it into archery season increases the deer harvest which for some states is a good thing and in others not so good. For urban hunting situations I think it could be a very effective tool to limit the deer population.

They have found the crossbow ranks are being filled with people giving up their compound bows and not from people giving up their firearm hunting. This has hurt the bow manufacturers big time. People are not buying a new crossbow every couple of years like they did with the compound. They buy one crossbow, become very effective with it and pull it out right before hunting season.

Am I against the crossbow? No, but i think it should be regulated to handicapped and people over 65 for full inclusion in the archery season.

Next up is going to be the Airbow.

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