Is Twitter Biased Against Conservatives?

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Is Twitter Biased Against Conservatives?

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Start with the premise that conservative news is biased news and magically - no bias against conservatives.

"One new study by professors at MIT and Yale called “Is Twitter Biased Against Conservatives? The Challenge of Inferring Political Bias in a Hyper-Partisan Media Ecosystem” recently took a look.

Authors of the study followed 9,000 politically engaged Twitter users, half Democratic and half Republican, in October 2020. The authors continued keeping track of their Twitter habits for six months after the 2020 election.

The study did find a disparity between how many users from each party were suspended - 7.7% of the Democrats compared to 35.6% of Republicans.

Republicans on Twitter, however, “shared substantially more news from misinformation,” the study found.

David Rand, a management professor at MIT who co-wrote the study, said the report didn’t disprove bias allegations but showed how correlated misinformation sharing and partisanship are.

“Since 2016, [social media] platforms have been under a huge amount of public pressure to act on misinformation,” Rand said. “If they do that, then necessarily, they’re going to wind up sanctioning conservatives more, and it’s going to look like they’re biased against conservatives.” ... ar-AAWp0hl

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