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How to Upload Graphics

Post by AnnonyMouse »

Recently, several members have had problems loading pictures. FYI, our site has some limits as to the amount of memory blocked off for attaching graphics and when the limit is reached, it becomes impossible to attach a graphic file. It is recommended (for the present) that occasionally a member should go to older posts no longer of any interest and remove old attached files. This will allow these sorts of graphics to be available for all members.

Remember: there is a size limit for a graphic to be posted and how to deal with that issue is addressed in another FAQ.

There are two methods of posting a graphic: attaching a file and inserting an image. The second method is often called "hot linking" and some sites do not allow such.

1. Attaching a file. This method is used to post a file that is on your computer. One need click on the tab below the entry and click on the "Add files". At this point one selects the graphic on your computer. Once selected, the "Add inline" button and then one can submit the posting. The amount of file space using this method is limited as mentioned.

2. Inserting an image (hot linking). This method is used to post (share) a graphic image that is found on another site. It does not use much memory as the only data is the URL linked to the image. On the original image site, right clicking on an image should bring up a menu. Select the option "Copy image location" (Browser options may vary depending on browser used, but the object is to copy the URL of the actual image.) Then, posting select the little box at the top that looks like a mountain with a sun (putting mouse on it brings message "Insert image"). Then paste (Contro-V) the copied image URL. It is worthwhile clicking on "Preview" to make sure you have done this correctly. The nice thing about this message is that one does not have to save the image to ones computer and (even better) most graphic images can be posted...even animated GIF files.

Note: if anyone has a problem with the above, please email me so I can edit for clarity.
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