My Latest Project

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My Latest Project

Post by AnnonyMouse »

Cherie and I have had an eye on the lot next to us since we first moved here to Star Valley Ranch. We wanted to have a buffer from any new homes being built next to us (after living on 25 A in MI so long, it didn't "feel" right to have a house right next to us). A few weeks ago, we saw some people looking at it. Talking to them, they were planning on purchasing that lot. I called our realtor to find out what was going on as it was not listed. Short story...he called the owner in South Carolina and put an offer in for us. We were lucky and sniped the plat from the interested couple.

We really don't plan on doing much development as we enjoy the mule deer who visit the property daily on their way across our front and back yards.

So now, I have a little over a half acre of undeveloped land with a dry creek bed going down the middle. Sage, brush and a few trees. Nice thing is that it butts up to the seasonal creek separating us from the golf course. Plans for it is putting a she-shed on it for Cherie to use as an art studio. I started clearing a spot for it.

Next...I want to start a little 3D course to shoot my bow. I just received my first target.,.a Delta walking bear. I repainted it to look like a black bear and placed it where the golfers will obviously have second looks as we do have visiting black bears on the ranch.
Wouldn't you know course closed for maintenance for a few days. Yet last night about dusk, a man with his kids in a golf cart drove past and put on the brakes and backed up. Headlights from the cart shone on my bear and they must have sat there at least 10 minutes watching before they got curious as to why it didn't move.

Today, the course was open. Was interesting watching the reactions as groups of golfers came to the green.

My friends, sculptors Rip and Allison Caswell have told me that I can go up to their foundry and get the foam cores from their works to turn into future additions. They presently are working on a life sized African lion!
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Re: My Latest Project

Post by itshot »

looks great!
i know for a fact i would flinch every time i saw it, even tho i know its there! :lol:

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Re: My Latest Project

Post by JTV »

wait till they see the Lion ... they'll crap their depends ....
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